Cricket Diary

Season Overview

On 13-14 February 2016, we will be holding the Chiang Mai Big Bash Tournament at the ground. This is an 8-a-side event with 2 local teams, Pattaya CC, Patong CC and a UK team by the name of 'Not the MCC" making up the 5 competing sides. It should be a great weekend of cricket and all club members are invited to attend and join in the fun.

Lanna Junior cricket Team

During the coming cricket season which runs until the end of May 2016, it is planned that our ground will host a mixture of local friendly matches, Chiang Mai League fixtures and games against various touring teams, so there is certainly an exciting season in prospect. For more information visit: Chiang Mai Lanna Cricket Club here.
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The Cricket Sixes

The 29th San Miguel Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes ended on Saturday with five finals and the Awards Dinner. Local favourites UN Irish Pub ended a 19-year search for the Holy Grail as they finally won the Cup, while Stuffed Bearers celebrated their 10-year Anniversary in unexpected style by winning the Spoon. A mini tornado intervened to blow down the sightscreens as Awalii conceded the Bowl final to the Drifters, but the weather cleared as the colourful Red Lion Wombats won the Shield. After the UN Irish Pub had won an exciting Cup final against Wolfpack from the final ball, the last of 105 matches in 7 days saw Floggers and Robbers rewarded for their long-standing support of the Sixes as they won the Plate. The Ladies Cup was the highest standard for many years as Thai Angels came out on top and the San Miguel Thais reached the semi-finals of the Bowl as their boundaries raised 17,500 B for junior cricket. Thank you to all participants and supporters and for all the money raised in Duck fines, FantaSixes and other generous donations. See you next year for a very special 30th tournament.





Cricket in Thailand

"Cricket was introduced to Thailand by the children of elite Thai families who learnt the game during education in England. They founded the Bangkok City Cricket Club in 1890, and the side played its first game in November of that year at Pramane Ground (Sanam Luang) situated near to the Royal Palace. Cricket amongst the Thai community failed to develop however, and by the early 1900s the game was confined almost entirely to expatriate residents."


Cricket in Chiang Mai

Cricket in Chiang Mai was first referred to in the Minutes of the newly formed, Gymkhana Club, Committee meeting of November 6 1898, where it was mentioned "that a well be sunk some 15 ft in depth near the cricket ground." In the following year at the Sports Committee Meeting on November 10 1899, cricket was included in the Christmas Meeting 1899 Programme together with many other activities. Although it is generally considered that the Gymkhana Club were first to organise cricket in the Kingdom, that distinction would seem to belongs to the, now defunct, Bangkok City Cricket Club.


The Dick Wood Trophy

British Club have been travelling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for 33 years and their annual cricket match against Gymkhana Club in which the two historic clubs compete for the Dick Wood Cup is one of the sporting events of the year.

The match played on 31st January 2016 was one of the most high-scoring contest between the two sides. Gymkhana Club won by 32 runs but the match was never safe until the last wicket had been claimed as Captain Dale had returned to the crease and finished on 63 not out. The presentation was highly entertaining as the Dick Wood Cup was presented to home captain Pete Warner.

It was a wonderful weekend of cricket at Gymkhana Club as the memory of Dick Wood lives on.



Gymkhana and British Club teams

Chiang Mai Champions in Chanthaburi

Chiang Mai's cricketers were delighted as they won both the men's and women's events, in March this year, at Chanthaburi in the 31st meeting of Thailand's National Youth Games. The annual event features the country's best U-19 athletes across 40 disciplines and participation, let alone success, it is quite a stimulus to a young person's career.

Winning captains Jenjira Mayoe and Kittanu Saekue

Chiang Mai Sixes